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Refinance - Purchase - Cash Out

At PK Capital Funding, we lend on ALL PROPERTY TYPES NATIONWIDE. SBA Loan, Residential non-owner, Commercial buildings, Special Use. Easy close, Competitive Rates, Bankruptcy OK. 
Full Doc, Lite Doc, No Doc, and DSCR Programs

Account Receivables

Invoice Factoring – Buy invoices advancing 80%-90%, providing immediate cash flow. Purchase Order Funding – Fund 100% of sales order; letter of credit, electronic escrow service, or documentary collections/cash against documents. Purchase Finance Program – Trade Credit – Fund the purchase of goods for resale, inventory, or consumption; often provided behind a Bank credit line without affecting the Bank’s collateral. Equipment Funding – Many types of new and used equipment, sale-leaseback options. We can fund up to $100M

Account Receivables Factoring

Bridge & Mezzanine Funding

PK Capital Funding offers Bridge and Mezzanine funding as two Funding options for real estate transactions. Bridge funding is a short-term loan that “bridges” the gap between the immediate need for capital and a future long-term Funding solution. PK Capital Funding believes it helps the investor cover expenses during a transitional period or until a permanent funding source is secured. Mezzanine funding, on the other hand, is a hybrid of debt and equity Funding. It provides a subordinate loan that fills the gap between senior debt and equity in a capital structure. Mezzanine Funding offers flexibility and can be used for various purposes, such as growth initiatives or acquisitions. Both bridge and mezzanine funding play crucial roles in facilitating transactions and supporting the financial needs of real estate projects.

Bridge and Mezzanine Funding

Business Loans

Business term loan up to 2 million (12-48 months). Working Capital up to 5 million (4-36 months). Revolving Line of Credit max 300k (12-36 months). Using funding can help your business in difficult times.
Similar to traditional bank-style Funding. A Term Loan is a set amount that a borrower pays back at a fixed amount. The common uses for these types of loans are business expansion, working capital
and equipment purchases.
A business line of credit provides flexibility for the business owner. Rather than a fixed amount issued at one time, funds can be accessed as needs arise. Funds are made available again, as the balance is paid down. Only pay interest on the funds drawn. Credit is available as needed. Draw as many times as you need. Fast approvals.

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With the growing legalization of cannabis in the United States, there is an increasing demand for Funding options in the industry. However, it’s important to note that due to the federal prohibition of cannabis, traditional lenders such as banks may not be willing to provide Funding for cannabis-related businesses. This has resulted in the emergence of specialized Funding options for cannabis companies, through companies like PK Capital Funding that focus on the cannabis industry. Cannabis businesses need to research carefully and choose Funding partners that are knowledgeable about the industry and can offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs and programs like the ones offered by PK Capital Funding. If you need funding for construction, funding for equipment, or even a line of credit, PK Capital Funding can help you grow your Cannabis Business. 

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Construction & Development

PK Capital Funding works with commercial property owners, investors, and developers to provide creative Funding solutions that combine construction, bridge, and PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) lending. Offerings come with a level of trust and certainty of execution. Construction and development investment properties refer to real estate projects that involve the creation or improvement of buildings or infrastructure. PK Capital Funding works with investors who engage in such projects Funding the construction or development process to capitalize on the potential return on investment. These properties can include residential- investment, commercial or mixed-use, multifamily, condos, apartment, and more. PK Capital Funding believes that the right funding approach to construction and development offers the opportunity for significant profits through various channels, including property appreciation, rental income, or sale of the completed project. However, these investments come with risks and require careful planning, market analysis, and project management to ensure successful execution and maximize returns in the ever-evolving real estate market.

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Fix & Flip

100% on purchase and 100% on construction. No experience is needed.
90% on purchase and 100% on construction – With experience. Competitive rates and fast closing.
Fix and flip investment properties are real estate assets purchased with the intention of renovating or improving them before selling for a profit. PK Capital Funding works with investors who are buying and repairing or updating the property they buy low market value, and then undertaking the necessary renovations to enhance their value. This investment strategy requires a keen eye for market trends, property assessment, and efficient project management skills, which PK Capital Funding can provide. The goal is to maximize the property’s potential by increasing its appeal and market value. Successful fix and flip investments can generate substantial returns relatively quickly. However, careful analysis, cost estimation, and market timing are crucial to ensure a profitable outcome.

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Foreign National

U.S Non-Permanent Residents/Foreign. Nationals: Max 65% LTV (Loan-To-Value). Foreign nationals funding refers to individuals from another country buying an investment property or 2nd home in the US. However, it also comes with unique challenges, including regulatory compliance, currency exchange risks, and cultural differences. PK Capital Funding has a vast understanding of local laws and regulations and can help clients worldwide.

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PK Capital Funding works with industrial investment to the allocation of capital in the industrial sector for generating returns. It involves investing in various industrial assets such as factories, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and logistics infrastructure. Industrial investments offer several advantages, including potential long-term rental income, capital appreciation, and stability. The demand for industrial properties is often driven by the growth of e-commerce, manufacturing, and global supply chains. PK Capital Funding believes that with the rise of online shopping and the need for efficient distribution networks, industrial investments have become increasingly attractive to investors seeking steady income streams and exposure to the growing industrial sector.

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Mixed-Use & Multifamily

Mixed-use and multifamily investments involve allocating capital into real estate properties that serve multiple purposes or accommodate multiple residential units. Mixed-use properties combine residential, commercial, and/or retail spaces within a single development. PK Capital Funding believes that investment strategy offers the advantage of diversifying income streams and capturing multiple markets. The multifamily investment provides steady rental income and the potential for long-term appreciation. Mixed-use and multifamily investments are attractive options for investors seeking stable cash flow, portfolio diversification, and residential and commercial real estate market exposure.

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SBA Loans

The SBA loan stands for the “Small Business Administration” of the US Government. An “SBA Loan” is a loan that is guaranteed by the government (up to 90%-100% funding). The government guarantees the loans to help incentives lenders to make loans that they may not have otherwise due to things like lack of collateral, construction, time in business, industry, down payment, change of ownership, etc. SBA loan for Owner User Commercial Real Estate are typically 25-year term loans, fully amortizing. SBA loans for business acquisitions, equipment, working capital, etc. are typically 10-year term loans, fully amortizing.

types of commercial loans

1-4 Units

For real estate investors  Property Types 1-4 unit single-family residential, townhomes, condos. No Income verified, close in your entity, we don’t report to credit! Long-term and short-term/Air BnB rentals.
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