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John Tyler was the first American president to have the most children—15

John Tyler was the first American president to have the most children—15.-
As of December 2023, John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States, still had one living grandchild. Tyler was born in 1790. The cause for its possibility? Tyler has the most offspring of any US President with a total of 15 children, born throughout his adult life. When he was twenty-five years old in 1815, he gave birth to his first child, Mary. Less than two years before Tyler’s death, in 1860, at the age of 70, his youngest child, Pearl, was born. Together, Tyler and Letitia Christian Tyler, his first spouse, produced eight children. When Tyler assumed office in 1841, first as Vice President and then as President following the death of President William Henry Harrison a month later, the couple was already grandparents, both in their early 50s. As a result of Letitia’s poor health, she passed away in 1842, becoming President Tyler the first to become a widow while in office. After being married to Julia Gardiner Tyler for two years, Tyler became the first American president to marry while in office. At the time, Julia was just twenty-four years old, thirty years younger than the President. They had seven additional children together, for a total of fifteen. When Tyler’s father was sixty-three years old, his thirteenth child, Lyon, was born. Later in life, Lyon married a considerably younger woman. When Lyon was in his seventies, two very long-lived sons were born in the 1920s. Lyon Jr., the eldest son, passed away in 2020. Harrison Ruffin Tyler, the last living grandson of John Tyler, is currently over ninety years old.