The Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act

Millions will be directed through the USDA to small businesses and rural farms as part of President Biden’s Investing in America plan, which will help cut carbon emissions.

In order to reduce carbon emissions and improve the soil on her farm, Sal Sharpe of Sal’s Ol’ Time Feed and Seed utilizes wood chips. Other farms who adopt comparable sustainable methods will be eligible for awards totaling $21 million through President Biden’s initiative.

Dr. Saundra Glover, state director for the USDA, stated that the funds will give farmers and small business owners practical assistance. In order to reduce energy prices and carbon emissions, the emphasis is on renewable energy technologies like wind and solar.

Although Sharpe acknowledged that the increase in funding for agriculture is a good thing, her farm is already putting the methods that larger farms will be urged to adopt into practice. No-till farming helps keep carbon out of the atmosphere, she claimed.

Glover emphasized that the often-overlooked farms that could profit from this investment are situated in struggling neighborhoods, particularly in regions with high rates of chronic poverty. According to the USDA, academic institutions as well as municipal and tribal governments are eligible to apply for the funds.

The USDA is working with partner organizations to help farm and business owners with the federal cash available, so those who apply can anticipate seeing funds as early as September.